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Name:Pat Huston
Company:Geek Speak Solutions LLC
Title:Founder, Training DIrector
Address:2001 83rd Avenue North Suite 1230
City:St. Petersburg
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7273006678
Cell No:7278048806
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Pat Huston

Thanks for taking a peek at my profile. Life long learning through training others is part of my DNA. My forte is humanizing technology and bringing this into any subject area. My classrooms include board rooms, universities, small businesses and public schools, Sprinkle in a variety of administrative positions along the way as a Director of Education, Operations, Sales & Career Services. I dig start ups having been at the forefront developing new schools, products and fortune 500 businesses. Whether in traditional classrooms or online, I am especially adept at educating the non traditional student wherever s/he may be. 

Business: New Marketing Social, Elements of the Marketing Plan, sCRM for Business Success, Customer Service Certification

Technical: Data Communications, Networking, VOIP, Wireless, Microsoft Office, computer/life skills 

General Education: Public Speaking, Group Dynamics, Composition, Portfolio Development, Business Ethics, & Conflict Resolution 

Health and Wellness. Patient Advocacy. Teaching clients how to become Educated Consumers.

I bring big picture instructional expertise and curriculum to the boardroom for social selling, marketing, customer service and employee training programs.Transitioning social media skills to students, business development, human resources

Continuing Education & Specialty TrainingIs your business LinkedIn? Creating Your Identity in the Digital Age

Using NIMBLE the sCRM's for Salesforce integration and social selling
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